A Nefarious act

She laid face up; rain diluted the blood-stained pavement beneath her head. Detective Laura Finkel arrived at Valley park, ducked under the yellow tape, and entered the tent. Inside Dr Gary examines the body of a middle-aged Caucasian woman; Laura applies vapour rub under her nose. She crouches. ‘What have you found out?’ ‘Our victim, Ms Corsham was killed by a blow to the head as she struggled with the perpetrator; she hit her head on this concrete post.’ He points to a bloo

Day 7 ‘Peruke’

a type of wig for men, fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuries Collins dictionary The scalper of Hickelberry There have been five identical killings in the last month in the small village of Hickelberry. Charlotte and her junior detective, Thomas, get called to the latest victim’s house. Mary’s body is spawned out on the bathroom floor, and her scalp has been removed. Charlotte crouches down to examine the wet body. ‘The killer waited till she was showering to grab hold of