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A Nefarious act

She laid face up; rain diluted the blood-stained pavement beneath her head.

Detective Laura Finkel arrived at Valley park, ducked under the yellow tape, and entered the tent. Inside Dr Gary examines the body of a middle-aged Caucasian woman; Laura applies vapour rub under her nose.

She crouches. ‘What have you found out?’

‘Our victim, Ms Corsham was killed by a blow to the head as she struggled with the perpetrator; she hit her head on this concrete post.’ He points to a blood-splattered post.

Laura leaves the tent and heads over to a woman taking notes by the scout hut.

‘You don’t have permission to be here.’

‘I’m Kat, a pet detective.’

‘Laura, real detective, why are you here?’

‘I’m investigating missing dogs; your lady was killed trying to get her dog back.’

‘Interesting theory.’

‘They use a dog whistle to entice them.’

Laura looks over at the scout hut and smiles as she points out a security camera to Kat.

The camera had captured a ginger hair man, forcing a staffie into a white van, but the victim is out of view. The licence plate is registered to a Dougal McNally at a holiday park. Laura and Kat look around the holiday park and spot two teenagers; they spy on them from behind a trailer. A lanky boy lines up beer cans on a wall, while a shorter boy reloads his BB gun.

‘I caught Simon kissing my Lucy last night,’ the lanky boy said.

‘No way, what are you gonna do?’

‘I’ll get Dougal’s new staffie to attack him.’

‘That will teach him.’ They laugh.

‘Wasn’t Dougal’s last capture messy? Said the Lanky boy.

‘Some woman got hurt, his laying low, but not for long, there’s too much money in dog fights.’ The shorter boy shoots down the beer can.

With the new information, Laura and Kat set up a sting operation, according to Kat’s missing dog report Dougal should be looking for a new dog. They wait on a park bench as the sunsets.

‘He has to come; it’s been over a week.’ Kat said, as she adjusted her woolly hat.

‘I’ve failed Mrs Corsham.’ Laura said as she stroked the police dog.

The dog’s ears prick up, and he dashes off in the direction of the scout hut.

Kat and Laura look at each other. ‘It must be him,’ said Kat as they chase after the dog.

A ginger man matching the man on the camera video tries to kick the dog, who barks at him and edges closer.

‘It’s him, Kat, we should follow protocol.’ Laura said as she called for backup.

‘We should, but he doesn’t respect the law, Attack.’ The dog pins Dougal down and locks his jaw around his arm.

‘Get this fucking mutt off me.’ Dougal struggles.

‘Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a confession?’ said Laura.

‘Ok, I killed her, get him off me.’

‘Release,’ the dog sits by Laura.

‘Next mission, raiding that holiday park.’ Kat smiles at Laura.

I am challenging myself to write a 500-word post a day for 30 days. I will choose a random word from the dictionary and to make this challenge more complicated; I will use the same word to create posts on Twitter and Instagram. I will create a haiku for twitter and post a photo on Instagram. If the word I choose is too obscure to make a post, I will choose another word.

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