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Once treasured

Baby teeth marks on long floppy ears.
A teething relief in the form of a Bunny Rabbit.
A symbol of Grandma’s love.
A black button nose, no longer attached, lost in Mother’s deep piled rug.
Brown glass eyes, scratched, having witnessed my first words,
and potty training.
Memories of my youth stained on your body,
from when I tied a string around your dainty paw and dragged you around the playground. Your whitetail is now matted and tainted yellow.
Your fur has gone crusty from all the times I wiped my tears on you.
Mother tried to wash you,
I feared you would drown,
so, I hid you away.
I called you ‘Mr Bunnie’ And treasured you like a friend,
my 1st friend.
Like a personal diary, you listened and never let me down.
Now, you live in a black bin liner above my room.
You no longer sit proudly on my bed.
Like a secret I keep you out of sight, replaced you with real friends.
Your lavender smell helped me sleep, has been replaced by mothballs that clump in your fur. Your threaded smile that brought me joy has come astray.

Once treasured: Work
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