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My Greedy Glabrous

Ages 3-7

‘A greedy Glabrous dwells in my compost bin.’

On a sunny day, I turned my compost with my garden fork, when I heard a ‘GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR’ from inside my compost bin.

I dropped my fork and peered inside the deep dark bin. Up popped a pink head with a banana skin draped over his forehead. His ape-like hands gripped the bin as he stared at me with his big wide eyes.

    ‘GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,’ he growled.

His teeth were blunt and overlapped. I reached out to touch him. He SQUAWKED at me.

    ‘AHHHHHH!’ I screamed.

I stumbled back, tripped over my garden fork and landed with a THUMP on the grassy floor. To my surprise, the creature climbed out of my compost bin and helped me up. I stroked his head, which made him PURRRRRRRRR like a cat. He was hairless from head to toe, so I called him Glabrous.       

My Greedy Glabrous: Work
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