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Mental Health &Listicles

I can give an insight into mental health, create listicles and provide researched articles.


A mental health handbook

How do we process things that are hard to say out loud?

We write.

Social interaction allows us to offload our problems and seek advice, but writing enables us to offload our thoughts subconscious. It can also be a way to deal with suppressed thoughts (traumatic events).

Writing in a diary is a great way to express what is going on in your head.

When my head gets flooded with too many thoughts, I offload in my blog, which calms me.

I want to delve deeper into the benefits of writing, so I've researched the therapeutic properties of writing. I discovered jotting down your thoughts and emotions helps you establish a healthy relationship with your mind.


A spouse's Deployment Kit

Six-months into our relationship, the dreaded word ‘deployment’ came up. I went through various stages of emotions from; crying, feeling abandoned and feeling angry. Yet, I knew this deployment would be one of many; I needed to adapt and see it as an opportunity to grow independently. In doing so, I made our time apart, a smoother transition.

This is my spouses deployment kit...


10 ways to banish writer's block

I don't believe in writer's block.

I  believe it's a myth spread throughout the writers' community.
This writer's block excuse hides the fact you don't feel inspired, motivated or even interested in your work.

Ask yourself, 'Why can't I write?'

Is your mind telling you to rest? Maybe your work needs to breathe.

Here are 10 ways to wash away bad habits get you back on track...


10 facts about Border collie 

Border collies are full of energy and have a colourful personality; making them a wonderful addition to your family. However, there are some points you should know, before embarking on the beautiful ownership of a one in a kind dog.

I have a short hair collie called Daisy and she is the heart of our family, but she has tested my patience.

Here are 10 things to consider when adopting a collie...

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