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 Border collie facts

Border collies are full of energy and have a colourful personality; making them a wonderful addition to your family.

However, there are some points you should know, before embarking on the beautiful ownership of a one in a kind dog.

I have a short hair collie called Daisy and she is the heart of our family, but she has tested my patience.

Here are ten things to consider when adopting a collie.

  • Energy: Collies have lots of energy and if you don’t see to your collie needs, they will become destructive. You need to be a very active person to keep up with a collie, and a true rambler will love spending hours walking their new four-legged friend.

  • Exercise: If you want to walk a dog on the lead once a day, don’t get a collie. They aren’t lapdogs or ones to lounge around, they need someone to keep up with them. 

  • Intelligence: Collies are one of the most intelligent breeds. You can teach them to dance or response to lots of different words.

  • Boredom: They need a lot of attention, you can’t leave these dogs for hours and hours on end. If you can’t give them the time and don’t want to fork out for a lunchtime walker, it’s not the dog for you.

  • Destructive behaviour: Boredom leads to chaos. A collie should be left with dog puzzle games or you will return to chewed up shoes.

  • Discipline: Collies are quick learners and giving them commands will keep them entertained. 

  • Obsessive behaviour: My dog is obsessed with digging in the water and her ball. It can be controlled with commands and find the treat games.

  • Anxiety: They can develop separation anxiety and become destress when you leave. If you practice leaving ‘the house for ten minutes at a time and returning can help ease their anxiety. They are also sensitive to loud noises, but natural medicines can help.


  • Other dogs: My collie tolerates other dogs, but she prefers her ball. I’m glad I introduced her with dogs as a puppy. Aggression is not a common trait in this breed, but if they develop aggressive behaviour toward other dogs, nip it in the bud. Collies love to please their owners.

  • Tricks: Their enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly makes them ideal for learning tricks. Their wagging tail is a clear indication they enjoy learning.

A lot of these points interlink and researching this breed will educate you in the wonderful world of collies.

They have quirky personalities with an energetic spirit that will make you fall in love with them.

If you decide to get one, they will fill your life with happiness and keep you very fit.  

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