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– Account Types: – 10.000 Vat Pre-configured Vat Pricing options – Hundreds of in-app free themes – Multiple countries, currencies, languages, holidays – Dozens of payment options – Built-in shopping cart system – Thousands of orders, estimates, listings, coupons and more – All the key information displayed in one screen – It has a great integration with social media & networks – Any credit card accepted – Updated security standards and stability – Support multiple languages, currencies, holidays and timezones – Integrate Google maps, google calendar, Google search and much more View Details Select a category of products to see our top selling products (currently selected categories: Coffee, Pastry, Chocolate, Snack and Soda). No need to register. Select a product in the list to see information about it (currently selected product: "Coffee, Espresso & Latte"): – Product description – Packaging – Product picture – Add to shopping cart – Purchase with the most convenient ways View Details Shopkeeper is an app dedicated to ecommerce, for a better experience. With Shopkeeper you can manage your whole store from your mobile: orders, manage the payment gateway, the store configuration, the mailer and the security. With Shopkeeper, you'll be able to manage each step of your store from your mobile, thanks to an optimized interface and a very powerful REST API. View Details #AppLift is a augmented reality app built for coffee shops and bars that allows customers to choose their favorite style of coffee from an infinite list of coffee. Customers scan the barcode of the liquid they want and the app will provide them with the list of coffee and roasting style that best match their tastes. With #AppLift you can: – Know your customers and make suggestions – Win over new clients – Make custom filters to get your customers to your coffee – Redirect them towards your best roasting and coffee – Drive sales and increase turnover – Increase productivity and customer satisfaction – Make money The list of coffee drinkers in the UK grew from 14M to 29M in the last 5 years, and is expected to grow to 50M in the next 5 years. At the same time, coffee shops are losing over 2M customers a year, mainly due to the fact that customers see other ways to have a coffee that are cheaper or faster. a5204a7ec7

- The POS system of your choice - POS customers on one screen - Configuration/setup of your POS - Printing orders - Monitor orders - Retail order planning - Tracking report - Reporting information - Customer management - Tablets management - Ribbon menu - PDF print Pre-selected: - See up to 50 pre-selected vendors - 20 pre-installed orders - Easy connection to WiFi and the web - Keystroke tab - Power Management and Self-Healing - Client Reporting Advanced functionality: - Production Menu - Inventory on the move - Bank Reconciliation - Foreign currency - Customizable Reports - Customer Search - Best-Price-Guide - Periodical Reports For more information see the Simply POS video 1.2MB 1.1MB 2.3MB 1.2MB 1.2MB 4.6MB 3.8MB 1.4MB 1.8MB 2.7MB 1.1MB

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