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The Tortoise and the Hare

As we all know the Tortoise wins the race... But does he?

What if the Hare won?

It makes more logical sense. His faster because he's an athlete. On the surface he should win but this children's story teaches us that he shouldn't. That slow and steady wins the race, blah blah blah.

No, I'm a writer so I will rewrite this old classic tale. You know, creative writers create our own rules in our fantasy worlds of our minds. Imagination is a beautiful gift and if you can harness it you can make people smile. Storytelling is an artform and one that can be taught to those who are sceptical.

Anyway I digress...

I did write a newer version of the hare and tortoise but replaced the hare with a fox. I wrote it when I was in my 20's.

The tortoise and the fox: speed and wit

Fox decided to go to martial arts for self defence against the dogs during the annual fox hunts

The tortoise tries to teach the fox that speed isn't the only tool he can use he also needs to use his cunning and brains

The fox is too busy talking away and doesn't fully understand what the tortoise has said

The tortoise explains that he have put his tool into practice to show the fox it's true meaning through a race

The fox laughs at the tortoise and says how can u possible beat me in a race

Before the tortoise can explain all the rules the fox has left laughing and says I see u at the start line

So the race beings and the fox beats the tortoise

So of course the fox gloats and says see I beat u as the tortoise crosses the line

The tortoise just smiles at the fox says I see so u be Able answer these simple questions about the race

Questions u said nothing about questions I thought it was just a race

Well if u hadn't of ran off u would of heard me say the rules of the race

Ok so what these questions

What was the only tree we passed blossoming?

I dunno apples

Wrong it was strong smelling fruit

We passed one cottage what number was in the door

I dunno one

Wrong it was 100

Finally we passed a sign leading to only path diverting off this road what did the sign say


Lucky guess

So what's point these questions how do they help me

Well if ur being chased by hunters ur speed not only thing that can help u u need to use ur brains . For example recognising plant life especially plants with fragrance can disguise ur smell so dogs don't catch ur sense . Spotting a cottage will help coz u can hide in humans garden not all humans want to kill u and hunters can't go in their garden . Finally spotting a sign off a side road which says private will lead u on to private land that hunters cannot cross just be wary tho that  not farmers coz they may still kill u not all but some .

Wow when u explain it like that it makes perfect sense.

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