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My 30-day challenge

I can’t believe I completed 30 days of writing posts, with no breaks, 30-days straight. It’s taught me that I do have talent and I have the capability to write about anything. I enjoyed doing the top ten lists because it helped structured my post. I discovered that my stories went one of two ways, either turned into a moral story for children or a detective story. There were days where I struggled to start my work, but found if I kept coming back to the post, my mind was more refreshed. I liked the variety of my work, from writing short stories, poetry, lists and articles that included research. After the challenge had finished I felt lost and after not writing for a couple of days, I became low. I’ve realised writing is my passion and its something I want to make a career of; I just need that one door to open for me. Anyway, on to the next project, ‘North Devon dog-friendly walks’.

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