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Mia Mania: Unlocking her Mind (2nd edition)

At 21 I started writing my book Mia Mania to find answers to my complex brain. To unlock the girl I was before my breakdown before my brain shut down and rebooted.

At 16 I was top of my game, playing hockey to the point I forced the play to the other side of the pitch because they couldn't get past me. I was also an air cadet and applying to be a pilot in the Raf. I didn't have twenty-twenty vision so that squashed that dream.

After my parents got a divorce I got glandular fever. At the time the only thing getting me through my parents' divorce was my love of sport and education, I was studying five A-levels

This fever stopped me dead.

This virus closed the doors to many possibilities and left me numb. It was like my brain had been unplugged and rebooted but in the process, I lost me, the real me. I put on a front for 17 yrs to suppressed my childhood memories, memories of a loving family.

Over the years I've had my fair share of trusting people and being let down. I hide the true me by wearing many masks.

but luckily my romantic heart allowed me to love unconditionally with each guy I dated.

At the age of 21, a friend of mine who is a great writer of fantasy inspired me to write a novel, previously I had written a lot of poetry and songs. Still, my heart couldn't get back to the painter in me. This is when I started writing Mia Mania which combines the wonder of Alice in wonderland with a splice of horror, romance and the imagination of Terry Pratchett.

Over the years I tried to go back to education, even did a higher access course which involved doing A-levels in one year in preparation for university.

My brain wasn't ready so I quit.

I carried on writing my novel and even wrote a lot of it on the train to London. I used to say I was visiting Mr London.

At 26 I finished my book with the help of a six-week creative writing course at college. I got my bf at the time to edit it and self-published.

The first edition is called Mia Mania: Unlocking the dream.

It's my writing in the rawest form, a book full of errors but written from the heart. I only printed ten physical copies which I gave to friends and family. I even popped one in a cafe in Exeter who had a mini book-self. I also took it off the online shelves.

At 29 I reflected on my novel after it didn't make a lot of sales on amazon and like shrimp moving along the bed of the ocean I had a long way to go to reach the light.

My intentions with my book were to help those with mental health. To help people apply coping mechanisms in a world where technology, society and people create a stressful environment.

I wanted to combine my reality with the dreams I had to unlock my mind. This was when I decided to do Open University and got first-class honours in English literature and creative writing.

I began editing my first edition when Covid forced the world to go into lockdown. As I put it we are in Covid times but the world doesn't stop spinning because of a virus.

What makes my novel unique?

Every night when I go to bed I dream and it's like my mind is subconsciously playing through ideas and scenarios. I started writing them down and I have so many film ideas where my mind has combined my present life with memories and programs/films I have watched.

As a child, I would portray my dreams in paintings and when the teacher said to explain my work I came up blank and just made up a fake story. Over the years I channelled my dreams into poetry, dancing, photography, songwriting, scriptwriting and writing stories.

Fast forward to the present.

Where I'm I now?

Through therapy and being taught to listen to what my mind wants I was able to get back to that 16 yr old who had dreams and where many doors were open.

All these years I have been lost in the maze of my mind going down dead end after dead end, trying to find that girl I was, that girl who dreamed and wasn't afraid to dream big.

I sing to warm my heart, I dance to soothe my wandering soul and I write to stop my mind from becoming bored. The true me is full of so much creativity it's just bursting out of me.

Currently, I'm mending my mind.

My current project: Mia Mania: Unlocking her Mind. (The section edition).

Watch this space...

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