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Unlocking your past

I'm very intelligent and managed to revert back to a girl who was happy before my breakdown at 17. Before I got glandular fever back when I was an artisit. When I could create an art piece from nothing. Back when I loved to play hockey to the point I could force the play to the other side of the pitch. Back when my love of music and singing made me smile. I never realised how much I had lost myself. I wrote a novel from the age of 19 to 33 documenting my life within the fantasy realm of Mia Mania. My past is in a book but my past will no longer define me. I want to be known as being a artist.

Here a poem to sum up my journey.

A love/hate relationship with my mind.

Like a Phoenix bird trapped in a box I await for my release.

Occasionally you let me out on a lead but as soon as I try to soar you pull me back into the box and you seal it shut.

You never thought I would be so strong enough to escape your grasp.

You never thought my love for music and muses would break me free.

You never thought love was ever this powerful.

Love broke me free but you are still trying to stuff me in that box but no more.

Like a phoenix bird I burn the box to ash. I break through it, I break these chains you hold on me and at last I can soar high among the stars.

I no longer have to escape to my dreams to feel happy.

I know who I am and you will never break me down again.

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