Main Character Profile: Mia Mania


  • Auburn hair with blonde highlights/5ft3/curvy/America/Asian

  • 17 years old.

  • Just starting her journey into the big wide world.

  • Loves watching Disney films.

  • Naive, lack confidence, doesn't know she pretty, sense of humour.

  • American accent.

  • Born by the coast.

  • Loner but loves nature and animals.

  • Hard worker and motivated.

  • One tough cookie for someone so small.


Dark voices plague Mia's Mind.

Comes from another planet called Harmony.

Deceptive, and tricks Mia. He is usually a shadow in the corner of her eye but deceives her by being a blonde surfer called Chad. To trick into thinking he is real but it is just Distructo.

Originally a female angel in disguise then turns into a male. His form is a skeleton red mist but when he feeds off peoples souls he becomes more human. (Cast: Transgender).


Mia spiritual guide, best friend and former lover. They get together at the end of the first book but its more complex than that. Throughout the book, he is in a fox form but his soul transfers into a human at the end of the book. In the reality realm for him to join Mia, he has to be human. Only in the dream realm is he a fox.

Book 2: Working progress.

Mia travels to America, her first stop to capture Distructos many demigods. They are scattered across the globe and she travels from country to country capturing their dark thoughts because the Corcarcus's souls no longer burn bright, a dull light. She tries to reason with them but they are too far gone, after all, they are demigods and essences of Distructo which were left behind.

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