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Day 20 ‘Emmarble’

Ten dates to do with your partner

Dates with your partner don’t have to be boring or expensive, and craft dates allow for teamwork, creativity and a chance to bond. All these projects have been tried and tested by myself and my husband, and if you need help creating these projects ask wikiHow.

  1. Marbling paper: By using blobs of oil paints with a splash of turpentine in a tray of water, you can create swirly patterns with a stick and turn a piece of paper into an art piece. You can use the marbling paper to cover a new album of your adventures together.

  2. Junk flowerpot: All you need is compost, flowers, spray paint and something to pop it in. Be that an old BBQ that’s rusting, a bucket, tin cans, chair or even a wheelbarrow. Anything you have lying around can be reused and made into a beautiful feature for your garden.

  3. Wind chime: This is a two-part project, first go for a lovely stroll on the beach and collect shells, driftwood and washed up boat robe. Take your treasures home and make a lovely wind chime. You will have to drill holes in the wood and shells to thread through the string.

  4. Puzzles: Pop to your local charity shop or go on eBay for a cheap puzzle; I recommend either a where’s wally one or a 3D puzzle. This craft will test your patience with each other and can be done with a good film in the background.

  5. Felt Animals: Craft an animal together, you can each make body parts and attach them to make a furry friend.

  6. Wooden sculpture: Build a wooden sculpture together. You can get these kits where you slot together wood to make an animal, we made a lobster.

  7. Portrait: Even if you can’t draw this is a must-do. Draw each other’s portrait, you be surprised at the way your partner sees you and your sides will hurt from laughing so much at each other.

  8. Sushi making: This is a fun one and you can get creative and make panda rice cakes.

  9. Revamp your furniture: Have you got any chairs, garden furniture or side tables looking shabby? You can sand them down, repaint and even gold leaf them to make them look brand new. We did up the swing chair by spray painting and tarping it.

  10. Photo album: Make an album together of all your memories. Just get a scrapbook and start adding photos with little notes of what you remember of the memory. Yes, we all have photo albums on our phones, but when your old and grey, you will appreciate being able to turn the pages.

All of these projects cost less than a meal out for two in a fancy restaurant, and you have evidence of your time together. Arts and crafts can be therapeutic and can even allow your partner to open up to you. Dates like these are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, minus distractions, and will bring you closer together.

I am challenging myself to write a 500-word post a day for 30 days. I will choose a random word from the dictionary and to make this challenge more complicated; I will use the same word to create posts on Twitter and Instagram. I will create a haiku for twitter and post a photo on Instagram. If the word I choose is too obscure to make a post, I will choose another word. 

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