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Listicles: Ten ways to confront your fear of death

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Death is a common fear to have; it represents the end of life, where you cease to exist, either by old age or an unfortunate event. Fear lurks in the back of our subconscious and rears its ugly head when you lose a loved one or come close to death. Coming to terms with dying one day will help ease your anxiety.

  1. Acceptance: One day, you will die, you can’t cheat death, or turn into a vampire, by accepting death will pull you out of your fantasy. Suppressing your feelings on death isn’t healthy and will result in you having nightmares and getting overwhelmed by thoughts of dying.

  2. Plan: Plan your funeral, plan all the details, from what music you want, what poems you want read and who you want there. Talking about death is healthy and is another stage of acceptance.

  3. Dwelling: Don’t dwell on the idea of dying; it’s out of your control. Yes, talk about death but then get on with your life, otherwise the feeling will consume you and cause depression.

  4. Life goals: Set yourself goals because if you know your achieving, you know you are living your life to your fullest and not just sat on the sofa for hours on end watching Netflix.

  5. Reminisce: Think about loved ones who have passed away and the memories you shared with them. This will make you realise it’s memories that hold us together and sometimes a fear of death is fear of being forgotten.

  6. Humour: Comedians make fun of life because if you can laugh at anything, your breeze through life, so joking about haunting your friend may offer you some relief.

  7. Thrill seeker: Some people like to stare the reaper in the face and seek out dangerous activities. You may find choosing a sport that pushes your fear to the max offers a relief, an adrenaline rush. You could jump out of a plane or dive into the depths of the ocean; if you face your fear, it ceases to be a fear.

  8. Research: Google theories on where we go when we die, from reincarnation, heaven, or even becoming ghosts.

  9. Belief: After researching the afterlife, decide what you want to believe, because a fear of death can be a fear of the unknown. By having your idea about where you go next, will help you come to terms with death. Some people believe we have souls, so when we die, only the body dies, and the soul lives on.

  10. Hardships: Life is full of hardships and some people find comparing their life’s to those less fortunate, gives them a sense of gratitude. Watching documentaries on people's’ hardship may help you realise how lucky you are.

It’s OK to be afraid of death, just don’t dwell on it and let it consume you. Accept you’re going to die one day, and believing in something after death, will help keep the fear at bay. We only have one life, and we need to make the most of it.

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