Day 12 ‘Pumpernickel’

Pumpernickel is a dark, brown, heavy bread, which is eaten especially in Germany. Collins dictionary A Pumpernickel Tale Nicholas Pumpernickel was a baker from Hoffleton; daily he baked pumpernickel bread for the King, because it was his wife’s favourite. He had a crush on the Princess because he once heard her laugh at a maid’s joke, and her voice was delicate and pure. She visited the village once a month, but locals had to vacate their shops, because the King had forbidden

Day 11 ‘Armageddon’

Armageddon is a terrible battle or war that some people think will lead to the total destruction of the world or the human race. Collins dictionary What if a parallel world had an Armageddon? I get up and go on my regular run through the park, across the bridge, ending up at the water fountain. A marble monstrosity of the warrior, Genghis Khan with his hands on his hips, quenched the thirst of many runners. It was hideous, some local artists joke on modern heroes. I take a si

Day 8 ‘Intruder’

An intruder is a person who goes into a place where they are not supposed to be. Collins Dictionary A collection of Intruders My bipolar beast You’re a constant presence, who’s always near, who likes to cling to me. I try to fight you off, escape, but you grip tighter, digging your claws into me. Sometimes I can lose you, even shut the door in your face. Yet, you stand outside my window peering in, misting up my glass. We have a staring match, but you always win with those ho