‘The badger with the glasses.’

pair of glasses for correcting defective vision Collins dictionary The tale of a short-sighted badger There once was a badger who wore a tiny hat, he loved to stroll through the forest and let the sun warm his soft fur. One day he leaned against an oak tree to eat his lunch and heard a ringing bell, he scanned the treetops and saw a light twinkle. He climbed the tree with his claws, looked down, gulped and dug his claws deeper into the trunk. Once he reached the branch, he hu

Day 24 ‘Tonka- Bean’

the fragrant, almond-shaped seed of any of several South American leguminous trees (genus Dipteryx) used in perfumes, drugs, etc. Collins dictionary A versatile bean The currency in the village of Tonguwa is Tonka-beans, its versatile use in food and products made it so popular, the mayor declared it their currency; an apple would be 1 Tonka. The beans provided the village with everything they needed. One day a villager decided to sell the beans to another village, but he got

Day 22 ‘Bottomless’

If you describe something as bottomless, you mean that it is so deep that it seems to have no bottom. Collins dictionary The bottomless pit A village in the mountains had a bottomless pit, where villagers chucked their waste, from banana skins to old TVs; someone once pushed in a rusty car. One day, Charlie, the youngest boy of the village tipped a wheelie bin full of dog poo into the pit. He had collected poo from owners, who were too lazy to dispose of it themselves. He lif

Day 12 ‘Pumpernickel’

Pumpernickel is a dark, brown, heavy bread, which is eaten especially in Germany. Collins dictionary A Pumpernickel Tale Nicholas Pumpernickel was a baker from Hoffleton; daily he baked pumpernickel bread for the King, because it was his wife’s favourite. He had a crush on the Princess because he once heard her laugh at a maid’s joke, and her voice was delicate and pure. She visited the village once a month, but locals had to vacate their shops, because the King had forbidden