Day 15 ‘Internet’

is the computer network which allows computer users to connect with computers all over the world. Collins dictionary Does the internet feed our mind or poison it? With a click of a button any question niggling you can be answered by Google with its worldwide knowledge, but is the internet poisoning our minds? The internet can be traced to the ‘1960’s and Americas use of the APRA net’ by their research defence team; however, other countries had networks, but communication with

Day 14 ‘Scatty’

Absent-minded and disorganised. Lexico Top ten ways to control your scatty mind A scatty mind is common among artists who have an endless supply of ideas sparking in their minds. Just like a train full of passengers, thoughts get off and on, but organising those thoughts once they reach their destination is the key to a scatty mind. Only after you calm the racing thoughts can you organise them into your mental library, each idea filed away, ready to be developed further in yo

Day 13 ‘Chatty’

Someone who is chatty talks a lot in a friendly, informal way. Collins dictionary Top ten tips to be a conversationalist Some people have the gift of the gab when it comes to striking up a conversation or holding one; while others will shy away and join in when the moment arises. Anyone can learn to participate more in conversations; it’s all about having the confidence and right skills. Fact gathering: Look up interesting facts before you go to a social event, so if the conv

Day 6 ‘Mizzen’

a sail set on a mizzenmast Collins dictionary Setting sail in my imagination Everyone should have a place in their mind they can escape to, because locking yourself in the staff bathroom and crying isn’t practical. Societies environment can take its toll on our brain, and we can only block out so much before our minds go on strike. The ritual of life doesn’t make it possible to go home and switch off if we feel stressed. If I’m out and I have a mini-meltdown, instead of panic