Day 20 ‘Emmarble’

To represent in or adorn with marble; make like marble Collins dictionary Ten dates to do with your partner Dates with your partner don’t have to be boring or expensive, and craft dates allow for teamwork, creativity and a chance to bond. All these projects have been tried and tested by myself and my husband, and if you need help creating these projects ask wikiHow. Marbling paper: By using blobs of oil paints with a splash of turpentine in a tray of water, you can create swi

Day 11 ‘Armageddon’

Armageddon is a terrible battle or war that some people think will lead to the total destruction of the world or the human race. Collins dictionary What if a parallel world had an Armageddon? I get up and go on my regular run through the park, across the bridge, ending up at the water fountain. A marble monstrosity of the warrior, Genghis Khan with his hands on his hips, quenched the thirst of many runners. It was hideous, some local artists joke on modern heroes. I take a si