Copy of Day 26 ‘Memory’

the ability of the mind to store and recall past sensations, thoughts, and knowledge Collins dictionary A collection of childhood memories Once treasured Baby teeth marks on long floppy ears. A teething relief in the form of a Bunny Rabbit. A symbol of Grandma’s love. A black button nose, no longer attached, lost in Mother’s deep piled rug. Brown glass eyes, scratched, having witnessed my first words, steps and potty training. Memories of my youth stained on your body, from w

My 30-day challenge

I can’t believe I completed 30 days of writing posts, with no breaks, 30-days straight. It’s taught me that I do have talent and I have the capability to write about anything. I enjoyed doing the top ten lists because it helped structured my post. I discovered that my stories went one of two ways, either turned into a moral story for children or a detective story. There were days where I struggled to start my work, but found if I kept coming back to the post, my mind was more

‘The badger with the glasses.’

pair of glasses for correcting defective vision Collins dictionary The tale of a short-sighted badger There once was a badger who wore a tiny hat, he loved to stroll through the forest and let the sun warm his soft fur. One day he leaned against an oak tree to eat his lunch and heard a ringing bell, he scanned the treetops and saw a light twinkle. He climbed the tree with his claws, looked down, gulped and dug his claws deeper into the trunk. Once he reached the branch, he hu

Day 24 ‘Tonka- Bean’

the fragrant, almond-shaped seed of any of several South American leguminous trees (genus Dipteryx) used in perfumes, drugs, etc. Collins dictionary A versatile bean The currency in the village of Tonguwa is Tonka-beans, its versatile use in food and products made it so popular, the mayor declared it their currency; an apple would be 1 Tonka. The beans provided the village with everything they needed. One day a villager decided to sell the beans to another village, but he got

Day 23 ‘feeling’

A feeling is an emotion, such as anger or happiness. Collins dictionary Could I be an empath? I didn’t know what an empath was until I saw a Facebook quiz on my feed, and after doing one, I realised it made a lot of sense. I researched online and realised some of the traits made sense; although, I wonder if I’m just empathetic and my caring nature makes me emphasize with others. I will look into three categories, self-discovery, relationships and protection. All impact how an

Day 22 ‘Bottomless’

If you describe something as bottomless, you mean that it is so deep that it seems to have no bottom. Collins dictionary The bottomless pit A village in the mountains had a bottomless pit, where villagers chucked their waste, from banana skins to old TVs; someone once pushed in a rusty car. One day, Charlie, the youngest boy of the village tipped a wheelie bin full of dog poo into the pit. He had collected poo from owners, who were too lazy to dispose of it themselves. He lif

Day 21 ‘living’

You use living when you are talking about the quality of people’s daily lives. Collins dictionary What does it mean to live life to its fullest? To answer this question, you have to break down what it means to live in our society, such as money, relationships, career and health. You have to consider people’s environment, circumstances and the importance these aspects have on their life. By looking at these areas will determine how they add to our happiness and way of life. Mo

Day 20 ‘Emmarble’

To represent in or adorn with marble; make like marble Collins dictionary Ten dates to do with your partner Dates with your partner don’t have to be boring or expensive, and craft dates allow for teamwork, creativity and a chance to bond. All these projects have been tried and tested by myself and my husband, and if you need help creating these projects ask wikiHow. Marbling paper: By using blobs of oil paints with a splash of turpentine in a tray of water, you can create swi

Day 19 ‘Number-crunching’

If you refer to number crunching, you mean activities or processes concerned with numbers or mathematical calculation, for example in finance, statistics, or computing. Collins dictionary Ten ways to save money I’ve always clashed with money, my attitude of ‘you only live once’ has seen me spend too much. It got to the stage where I was fed up of not having any savings and wanted a deposit for a house. I knew one day I would get old and having security mattered more than a br

Day 18 ‘Peacock’

A peacock is a large bird. The male has a very large tail covered with blue and green spots, which it can spread out like a fan. Collins dictionary The village Peacock Our village is situated on the cliffs over-looking the Devonshire coast; the clear waters and white sands make it an ideal setting for tourists. They seek a retreat away from their polluting cities; swapping tower blocks for cottages with flowered paths. Our village is not famous for its scenery, it’s famous fo

A Nefarious act

She laid face up; rain diluted the blood-stained pavement beneath her head. Detective Laura Finkel arrived at Valley park, ducked under the yellow tape, and entered the tent. Inside Dr Gary examines the body of a middle-aged Caucasian woman; Laura applies vapour rub under her nose. She crouches. ‘What have you found out?’ ‘Our victim, Ms Corsham was killed by a blow to the head as she struggled with the perpetrator; she hit her head on this concrete post.’ He points to a bloo

Day 3 ‘OOM’

A title of respect used to address an elderly man (South African word). Collins Dictionary We should have an ‘OOM festival’ to celebrate the elderly. The OOM festival would be a day to respect our elders, to celebrate their life’s work, and realise their lifetime of experience is a treasure chest of knowledge. The festival would teach children to respect their elders in a world fixated with technology, where human interaction is fading. Gone are the days of gathering around a

Day 1: Chance

If you chance something, you do it even though there is a risk that you may not succeed or that something bad may happen. Collins dictionary What does taking a chance on life mean? Chance refers to the possibility of something happening, but there can be consequences in deciding to alter your lifestyle. To take a chance on life means to change your path, your goals and even uproot your life, by carving yourself a new path to follow. Any changes we make have risks; it just abo